Hello! I am a 22 year old gay male that has a different belief than most of my fellow gays when it comes to politics I will never place myself in the Democratic Party and I will never fully put myself in the Republican Party like my partner (The Gay Republican). I feel that we all just need To just get along when it comes to the economy take care of business the right way and stop fooling around. I ‘m a registered Republican, but I will be changing it because I have realized that I have many different views. I agree with the Republican Party on some issues, but on other issues I stand with the Democratic Party. I hope to become more educated on Politics. If you would like to get to know me better, or you feel the need to educate me on a certain subject then please feel free to contact me.

15th January 2013

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Gun Free Zones

If we stop with the gun free zones then we can have a better protection over these areas. Schools need to have guns and other related areas do too!! That will stop all of these shootings. I mean come on have you ever hear of a shooting at a gun show??? Uuuuummmmmm……NO!!!  

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